Being is.. noticing your inner landscape

With my hands around a cup of coffee and staring at my snoring dog, I notice a mixture of things inside of me. I’m aware of the appointments I have today and I am conscious of the time I need for travelling to be on time. The other thing that feels present is my son who has a real flu and nearly fainted this morning. I’m a bit worried. Then there is a scanning through my to do list, what other things need to be done today? I covered a lot of ‘tiny tasks’ yesterday and for now there is nothing urgent, but the thought of ‘am I not overlooking something?’ is there and my brain finds another task (it always does).

With these things coming to surface when I notice briefly what’s inside, what will serve me today? Spaciousness is the word that pops up. See time as my friend today and leave on time for appointments so that there is no hurry, no nothing that speeds me up. Also remind myself that other tasks can wait, the thing my brain came up with can wait till Saturday. And worrying about my son won’t make him feel better, so I want to let go of that.

Those inner landscapes of ours are always mixtures and my belief is that being aware of the ‘mix of the day’ gives us information about what serves us and what does not. Often time we cannot change the circumstances , but we can decide how we want to relate to them.

What’s your inner landscape today and what will serve you best?

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