Being is.. putting who you are in what you do

I let you ponder on what that means to you.

Where is who you are visible in what you do? Or in what you don’t do?

To me it means that in everything I do or not do, there is a scoop (or two .. or ten) of me in it. And in some activities more than in others it can be felt what that means. If you see a person you love in your minds eye and imagine something they do in a unique way, you know what I mean. What would others say about you? What is that you-piece in your doing?

I also see it as a felt sense when someone really puts heart in their work. If you taste truly good food or notice the dedication of someone in the work they deliver. Where do you put your dedication?

An almost tangible way of getting a peek into someones being is when you see or hear their creations. When reading someones poems, hearing their music, watching their art. Even reading someones handwriting can feel like a glimpse into who the person is. The process of making paintings to me is an interaction between my intuition and the material I am working with and while my hands ‘make’ something, it is actually something deeper at work. And the fact that sharing my creations always comes with a sense of vulnerability also tells me that this kind of doing carries a lot of who I am in it.

This year -and beyond I want to take a stand for more being into the mix of life, so I choose to go beyond vulnerability and let myself be seen in some of my creations:


Where would you go beyond vulnerability and let yourself be seen in what you do? I am curious to hear and also what it brings to you.

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