Being is…

In Co-Active we hold that doing and being are always connected and that they inform each other. My sense is that this world can use more being. We’re super good at doing and what if we would add more being so that our doing is grounded in who we are and comes from conscious choice?

Here’s a start of a list of what I see as being:


Sit down and reflect

Take a breath


Feel what has impacted you

Notice where you are

Plug into wisdom and let it come to you

Tap into what you know deep down

Stop the rush

Broaden the view

Sit with the uncomfortable

Notice your inner landscape

Know your own weather report

Finding that neutral observing place

Seeing things for what they are


The secret sauce in how you show up

That intangible yet most important ingredient

Putting who you are in what you do

Give yourself


Existence in real life or in thought


Space holding

Opening your hart

Allowing your soul to speak



Nourishing yourself

Take a minute

Slow down

Focus on one thing


What would you add? My intention is to blog about the items on this list on a weekly basis in 2023 to inspire and to underline the power of being.


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