When writing the word newness, I read it myself as newmess and I guess that is what always comes with new: a bit -or a lot- of mess. And wether the new is positive or negative, the adjustment to it takes time. How to navigate through that mess?

I remember being in coaching certification and having a call with my supervisor looking at a recording I had sent him. It was a very good session and receiving the feedback was both a joy and a scary thing. The scary part was that I sabotaged myself in the thought that I could not repeat this level again. Luckily my supervisor caught me there and he said: “Welcome, this is your new now” and he invited me to look around in this new landscape. That perspective on new helped me tremendously. There is no good or bad, just new. And adjustment to it takes place in curiousity, in simply looking around.

I have also experienced new nows after losses and those landscapes turned out to be not flat either. Being sad, grateful,rebellious,moody, not knowing, desperate, happy, nothing is weird really in those times. Also there the tendency to put a good or bad doesn’t help a single bit. Looking at it from a new now was helpful there too. Looking around, inside and outside, find new anchors in shaky ground, listen to needs and urges and crucial: letting go of a self imposed time pressure when to be settled in the new now.

Any new nows in your life? Did I mention that you don’t have to do it alone?

Picture taken from my room when doing the Co-active leadership programme, where new nows were more present than ever and where I found so many resources to embrace them.

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