Traveling when not traveling

This morning I did a workshop led by Sam Allen called ‘inviting writing’ and it brought me to a place that I had not visited for a while. And by ‘not visisted’ I mean both the physical traveling and the soul traveling that writing evokes in me that I had not done for some time. So here’s to you Sam, thanks for taking me on this journey.

When I close my eyes, I’m at the beach on Zanzibar. It is early morning, the tide is low and in the distance the women are harvesting weeds that they will dry afterwards. The warm wind smells salty and the sun is early morning friendly. In the coming hours she will send me back to the shade or make me plunge in the sea.

I am sitting on my kanga with my feet in the white soft sand and my hands are playing with the sand. I notice the sand is moving between my fingers and even if I wanted to keep it in my hands, it’s almost like water, finding it’s own way and I realise this is such a metaphor for life, nothing is meant to stay the same.

We are not meant to stay the same.

Subtle changes are happening all the time, both external and internal and when we open our awareness to it and welcome it, we grow. When we try to manage or controle it, we get stuck.

It’s in this place in nature where I am in touch with this deeper knowing, where something as small as the size of sand reveals a message as big as life itsself.

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